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Premium Car Detailing

Now Serving Woodland & Sacramento, CA

Revamp Your Ride

Car detailing not only makes your ride look good, it also offers numerous benefits. It protects your car from damage caused by environmental contaminants like dirt and dust, and also improves its resale value by restoring it to like-new condition. Regular detailing can also enhance the longevity of your car’s paint job, eventually preventing rust and corrosion. Get your car detailed by It’s in the Detail, and enjoy the benefits of a sleek and well-maintained ride.

Why Choose Us

For high-quality car detailing pros located in Woodland & Sacramento, CA, look no further.  We provide exceptional services that will leave your car looking shiny and new. From exterior paint corrections and high-end graphene and ceramic coatings, as well as interior cleaning and detailing, we use only premium products and up-to-date techniques to get your car looking its best.

Alvin LamIt’s in the Detail Premium Car Care

Experience a More Luxurious Car Wash with Ultimate Protection and Shine with Our Wash and Seal Car Detailing Service. We Have Customizable Tiered Options for You to Choose From.

A Premium Car Detail Focused on Paint Decontamination and a Ceramic Coating Protection with Unmatched Quality and High Attention to Detail.

Say Goodbye to Scratches and Swirls with a Paint Correction and Revive Your Car’s Appearance. Multi-Year Ceramic Coating to Seal in that Brand New Look.

Ride in Comfort and Cleanliness with Our In and Out Interior Option that Provides a Thorough Vacuum, Wipe Down, and Steam Cleaning.

Premium Interior Detailing Specifically Designed for Deep Cleaning and Carpet Shampooing to Reset the Interior Back to Brand New.

Car Detailing is One Part of Maintenance to Keep Your Vehicle Looking and Feeling Like New, While Ensuring You Are Protecting Your Investment.

It's in the Detail Premium Car Care
Woodland, CA