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About Me

I’m Alvin Lam, and I’ve been providing professional car detailing services since 2019.

As a car enthusiast, I want to share my passion for preserving vehicles to be enjoyed by others but most importantly by the owner for years to come. 

Buying a used or new car is an expensive investment, however, proper maintenance keeps the vehicle running longer and more efficiently. Car detailing is one of the ways to maintain your vehicle and keep different parts of the vehicle from wearing down faster from contaminants that are picked up from daily driving. 

I started with car washing but have since expanded my skillset to also provide wheel and tire cleaning, hand waxing, paint enhancement, and more.  I recently moved to Woodland, California, to pursue a Ph.D. in Immunology at UC Davis. However, my passion for car detailing still burns strong, and I am devoted to establishing my business in California.  Here, I hope to provide the same premium service and strengthen my excellent relationship with my clients. 

As a current Ph.D. student, I practice precision and consistency every day and I strongly believe in putting my best work forward. Working in clinical settings for years in detail-oriented environments allows me to translate this mindset and workflow into every detail. I give each vehicle my utmost attention and focus on the quality of service I deliver for my clients to ensure a finish on your vehicle you are ecstatic with. If interested in any part of the detailing process, I am more than happy to provide in-depth information to make the car detailing process easier so you can schedule a tailored detail for your vehicle.

My 2016 Subaru Impreza, with over 6 years of ownership.

After purchasing my first vehicle with the help of my parents for college, this sense of pride came with driving the car off the dealership lot. For a few months, I was vigilant in keeping my new car clean with at home car washes, and regular vacuuming. I got busier with college and my part-time job and a month of no car wash and vacuuming soon turned to three months and then years of no regular cleaning.

I noticed spots on my car that weren’t going away from a regular wash and my plastic trim fading from the weather. The interior was no better, with dirt, leaves, and dust accumulating over the years. This was the start of my detailing journey where my car underwent thorough exterior details consisting of iron decontamination and clay bar decontamination and eventually a two-stage paint correction to really bring my paintwork back to life and preserve that finish with a multi-year ceramic coating. I followed up the interior with carpet shampoo and extraction to pull the accumulated dirt and weird food odors from spilling my fast food runs on the ground.

My 2016 Subaru Impreza looks better than it did the day I drove it off the dealership lot in July 2016 and detailing my Impreza has brought that pride in ownership back. I became an avid car enthusiast over the years and wanted to bring that same pride I got from driving my detailed car around town and with four years of detailing experience, I started It’s in the Detail Premium Car Care which focuses on preserving your car for years to come and maintaining that pride in ownership of having your own car.

It's in the Detail Premium Car Care
Woodland, CA